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An aromatic bundle duo to hang in each shower, also FREE Eucalyptus leaves to crunch up and put in your bath!

Maybe keep one for yourself and gift one to a friend or hang one in each bathroom in your home.

Eucalyptus has many proven health benefits such as decongestion, headaches inflammation stress and muscle tightness, it also looks beautiful too!

An easy way to give yourself a therapeutic shower. Simply hang up and ENJOY!

This could be the perfect unique gift for your friends or family.

These bunches will contain Eucalyptus dependent upon seasonal availability.

contains 2 small bunches 

length of bunch- 25-40cm

Expected shower life is an average of 10-21 days. however, the aromatic fragrance will gradually decrease from the Eucalyptus after time.

Secure behind the shower head and out of direct stream of water.

The Eucalyptus interacts with the heat and releases the healing and revitalising essential oils

Please note- As this is a naturally occurring product, there will be a slight size, colour and aroma and variation throughout the season.

Our postal days are Thursday, UK ONLY. If you are in Norfolk we can arrange local delivery or collection.

These items are made and posted out on the same or next day of delivery to keep super fresh.

Care tips will be send out to you with your purchase.

We send out in minimal packaging to be more environmentally conscious, everything is recyclable. 
We try are very hardest to be as environmentally friendly as possible therefore we do not use any floral foam or plastic within our designs and opt for eco alternatives.